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Coppola’s Horsemanship Training

Horse Trainer  ~  Pasquale (Pat) Coppola

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Pat is a self-taught horseman, well versed in methods of gentle-breaking young horses and fixing horses with problems. His methods of training are based on the influences of well known Natural Horsemanship clinicians and trainers. Pat has attended and participated in many clinics and has studied the techniques of Tom and Bill Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Joe Wolter, Clinton Anderson, Buck Brannaman, Brian Neubert, and Pat and Linda Parelli to name a few. From these trainers he uses the techniques that work best for him. Pat  has been able to achieve a high level of success for both the horse and rider. Pat is able to recognize what the horse does naturally and uses his body language and non verbal cues to build trust with the horse. With his own personals training style and the “firm but fair” motto he builds a relationship of respect and uses this relationship to get positive training results.

Pasquale, one of the owners of County Line Stables, offer lessons to children, adults and seniors in a safe and instructional environment. He incorporates his many years of personal horse experience into his instruction.  By sharing his training experiences  and accomplishments that he has developed over the years with anyone who wants to mingle the fun of horseback riding while learning about riding skills, horse behavior and getting useful everyday riding information will surely benefit from his instruction.

The focus of his program is not shows, ribbons or success in the ring, but the ability to ride safely with a horse in the arena, ring or on a trail in real life situations; whether it be on the farm or away. While our lessons are based on Natural Horsemanship techniques, you will get instruction on classic riding techniques as well, but the goal of our program is to develop rider confidence, useable real-life skills and the knowledge necessary to ride and handle a horse with confidence. These lessons along with basic horse care lessons will enable any individual to have the skills to become a successful rider and/or horse owner. Then you can use these essential foundation skills to help you advance with your personal equine goals.