Horses For Lease

What is share boarding /leasing? – It is the leasing of one of our horses to advance their involvement with horses and riding.  It can also be used as a stepping stone to owning a horse.

How does it work? You first need an evaluation from one of our instructors so we can see which horse is compatible with your level of riding skills. Share boarding allows you to work and ride the horse as if it is your own. The days are picked by you and the barn to avoid conflicts in schedules. This becomes your set share boarding schedule.

What is the commitment? The share board is a month to month commitment. We ask if you are going to make this commitment you should try and share board for a min of three months to as long as you choose.

Why and who should share board? Share boarding is a cost effective options for those that are ready for horse ownership but cannot afford to purchase their own horse or do not want the commitment of full ownership. Also a good option is for those who ride several times per week. The barn continues to care for the horse as its own. You never receive any ownership. The barn remains responsible for routine  vet costs.   It also allows you more time in the saddle and to gain more experience towards horse ownership.

What are the costs of share boarding (leasing)?

Partial Lease ~ $295.00 pr /month– includes access to horse for visitation, care/grooming and riding three days per week. Total use of the horse is three days per week. One lesson per month will be required, but not included in the lease price.

Full Lease ~ $ 425.00 pr / month- includes full access to horse for visitation, care and grooming 7 days per week, with independent riding 6 days per week. One lesson per month will be required, but not included in the lease price.

Do I need my own tack?  You are welcome to use your own tack provided it fits the horse properly.  You should provide your own grooming supplies for the horse you are leasing. If you would like to use the barn tack it is an additional  monthly rental fee. You are responsible for care and cleaning of any tack provided by County Line Stables.