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Welcome to County Line Stables

Welcome to County Line Stables

We are a private boarding and training barn that takes pride in providing a quality facility for you to enjoy your horse. Your horse will receive exceptional care while you enjoy full use of a well maintained facility. The large arena is well lit and has excellent groomed footing.  Our giant size outdoor and trails are also there for your enjoyment. 

Our farm is HOME to some very lucky horses  This is not only our farm, it’s our dream.   It is so wonderful to be able to see the horses right in our backyard. Since we live on-site, we are able to offer personal attention that you may not find at other facilities. Our family has a passion for horses. Over the past several decades we have developed our skills and talents expanding our knowledge base creating a facility to further our passion for these beautiful animals. We enjoy many different activities with our horses from basic trail riding, competitive trail classes, obstacle courses /challenges, Eventing, Dressage fox hunting and my very favorite is hunter paces.  In our family I prefer English but my husband prefers Western. Martina successfully rides and shows in both disciplines. We participated in many cow working /ranch style clinics. I my past I can say I thoroughly enjoyed playing both outdoor and indoor polo.

The Coppola Family

The Coppola Family at Larkin Hill Cross Country Clinic 2014

Share in the fun – In the past, we’ve used the farm solely for our personal pleasure but have since decided to share our facility and services to outside enthusiasts who want to grow with us in this new adventure. My husband and I have had a lifetime of personal experiences with horses and have previously owned a successful boarding stable.  We have experienced a variety of activities with our horses and we will continue to educate ourselves and others through clinics, seminars and private instruction. We believe in the concept of “TRUE” horsemanship and follow the techniques of Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance, Joe Wolter, Brian Neubert and Buck Brannaman. The most recent clinics we attended were with Guy McLean,  Buster McLaury, Craig Cameron, Aaron Ralston, Craig Johnson, Chris Cox, Denny Emerson, Tina Konyot , BernieTraurig. Lendon Gray, Ken McNabb and Phillip Dutton.  We believe in constant education, as knowledge is the future.

Our Clinic with Buster McLaury


Craig Johnson and Martina


Our Clinic with Aaron Ralston

Martina and Guy McLean…her Favorite Mate…lol

Matina gets advice from Ken McNabb

Matina gets advice from Ken McNabb

Martina meets Phillip Dutton

Martina meets Phillip Dutton

Clinic with Stephen Hayes British FEI Rider

Check out our Clinic tab for more exciting information and how to sign up for this wonderful opportunity to ride in this clinic with Stephen Hayes. He recently conducted clinics in the UK, Malaysia, Dubai and other countries in Europe and now is here at CLS to help you connect with your horse. Check out over 170 lesson reviews on his facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/stephenhayesdressage/


Train the Hollywood Way Clinic with Ryan Peterson

The clinic focuses on helping you and your horse(s) relationship by working on strengthening your partnership through better communication, how liberty training works with an introduction to trick/ train work your horse at liberty. Each horse is an individual and requires special consideration for how they work through learning something new. Ryan will help you build confidence and trust in both you and your horse so that you both can continue to grow, connect and achieve the results you are looking for.

In our main menu click on the tab Clinic and Shows for more info!    or…

Please send me email address and I can send the application for anyone interested in participating in the clinic.

We also have an EVENT page on Facebook  link https://www.facebook.com/events/1252846354780534/ for more details.